Has only two points of entry front and back.
The overhang on the top provides a lip to catch shrink wrap or strapping.
No bottom boards will aid the insertion of a trolley jack.

Wood block pallets are a durable, sustainable load unitization solution. Great for automated material handling processes, block pallets offer a true four-way entry, saving on overall transportation, storage and material handling space.

2WAY pallet 


This recycled 48" x 40" x 5-1/2" heat treated wood pallet is known for its sustainability and affordability. It has a 4-way fork access and a static capacity of 2,500 lbs. 

Let Round Lake Pallets Inc. be your solution to all your pallet needs.

Standard 48 X 40 #1 & #2

Available in multiple sizes
2 way and 4 way fork access options Heat treated pallets are ISPM 15 approved and can be used for export Popular GMA approved sizes available.

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New Custom Made Pallets

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Block Custom Pallet 

We have a solution For all your Pallet needs

Round Lake Pallets Inc. maintains and operates our own fleet of trucks to make deliveries. This provides us with the flexibility needed to deliver our customer’s orders on time without depending on outside contractors. We operate both box vans and flat bed trailers to meet your specific receiving. requirements. We also run a 24′ straight truck to handle small orders more economically. No order is to small or big for Round Lake Pallets Inc. 


Round Lake Pallets Inc.

offers pallets for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing industries. Our offerings include a wide range of one way or two way pallets , export standard and rack able pallets. For complete details about how we can help your firm, please contact us via phone at 847-637-6162, or via email at info@roundlakepallets.com